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Welcome to the Silver Blue for ocean wildlife touring!

The abundance of certain species vary with the season. Eagles and seals are a year round phenomenon, and are almost assured sightings. Sea Lions are more prevalent in the winter and spring months, with up to 300 animals concentrating on Entrance Island in April and early May. It is common to see Sea Lions year round in various quantities.

Orcas (Killer Whales) and Humpback Whales are seen on approximately ten percent of the trips. This is not a true whale viewing tour boat, as I do not travel long distances to view the whales. If they are in the vicinity during the trip, we will visit them. There are many species of Ducks, Heron, Gulls, combing the skies and water. The dramatic cliff settings, amazing cloud formations, marine traffic, and mountain backdrop make this area one of the most beautiful spectacles on earth.


– $350 plus 5% GST tax for up to 4 people
– $50 for each additonal person up to a total maximum of 6 persons

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Silver Blue Charters – Viewing Sea Lions

The following is a video by Silver Blue Charters viewing local sea lions

Silver Blue Charters – Viewing Harbour Seals

The following is a video by Silver Blue Charters viewing local harbour seals

Humpback Whales off Gabriola Island

It is great to see the humpbacks back in Gabriola waters