Well, the rains have come, big time, and the Chinook are flooding to the rivers. The Somass and Big Qualicum rivers are full of Chinook, and there are retention fisheries available, should you feel like river fishing. On the salt water, all that is left is the occasional feeder (three year old fish), that have another year left in their life cycle before ascending the rivers to spawn. We caught one feeder Chinook per trip last week in the 7 to 9 pound range. So, we are in holding mode as far as abundance of Chinook Salmon are concerned. I have been bottom bouncing the waterfall with Killy Magee spoons and T-Rex hoochies for the Chinook. We did encounter and lost two very large Chinook last week, which were probably Harrison River fish, as they are the last to make their way to the Fraser.
  Coho are in short supply, but have not entered the rivers, yet. I am going to try running small plugs shallow on the structure at Entrance and Thrasher this week to see if they are around.
  Ling fishing has been good in the 30 to 70 foot range at Thrasher and Entrance. This fishery as well as rockfish close on October 1st.
  Prawning is mediocre, 50 to 70 per trap. The size is good, but watch for female spawners in the mix, and remember to release them!
  Good fishing