Well, it is a good thing I didn’t make any predictions about this weeks fishing, as the Chinook fishing went in the tank again. The vast majority of Chinook have now moved towards the rivers, and it is “scratch” fishing for them now. Most of the fish are undersized, there’s some 6 to 9 pound feeders amongst them, and the very occasional stray mature fish in the mix. Try bottom bouncing the waterfall in 160 to 200 feet of water, or fishing the 220 foot edge off Entrance. Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons, or the T-Rex hoochie have been flavours of the week.
  There are still some Pinks around. Run small pink hoochies on 24 inch leaders at 60 to 120 feet for the Pinks. Coho are in short supply. There are some at Entrance and Thrasher.
  Ling are found 50 to 60 feet deep off Entrance and Thrasher.
  Prawning is okay, but there are many more females that must be released in the catch recently.
  Good fishing!