After being on the water almost every day since the July 15th opening, I actually didn’t fish this week. The weather has been mostly inclement, and not really conducive to fishing. Dave on Predator and Dimitri from Pacific Anglers both fished Entrance last Tuesday, and had great results on feeder Chinook. These fish were taken very deep on 4 inch plugs and T-Rex hoochies. It is odd that Entrance holds a larger percentage of legal sized fish than other areas. The last time we fished Thrasher we boated a dozen Chinook, but only two were of legal size. This happens frequently at the Grande, too. Lots of fish, but the larger fish are off Entrance.
  There is the occasional Coho in the area, most weigh around 8 pounds now, and are gorgeous fish. I just wish there were more of them, and of the hatchery variety.
  Prawning is good, but there are quite a few berried females in the mix. Make sure you promptly release them.
  Good fishing!