Chinook fishing was good Wednesday through Saturday. The waterfall was producing at downrigger depths of 220 feet, and Entrance had a strong bite at 220 feet off the North end of the reef. By request, I ran plugs for my clients Thursday and Friday. Larry is a custom rod builder in Vancouver, so we used his 11 1/2 foot rods and Able reels. These are painful to set, and retrieve to check, but when you have fish on, it is fantastic! We caught fish up to fifteen pounds on these fly rods, and the plugs allow the fish to fight more freely than fishing with flashers. When using flashers, I was running the Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons. Clyde has had fantastic luck all week fishing a glow white Looney spoon off Entrance. Sunday the fishing was slow, and most boats came in without legal Chinook. Del Crowe, fishing with Clyde, did catch two very nice Chinook at Entrance at midday. We had one amusing incident on Wednesday. I had a 9 and 11 year on board, and wanted to take them light tackle jigging after salmon fishing. We proceeded into 50 feet of water, and I was expecting to release some small Kelp Greenling and Ling. I hooked up something large, and I went to the other side of the boat to get that gear out of the water. When I turned around, line was just peeling off the reel. We had hooked a very large Chinook on a little 6 1/2 foot bass rod, and small Gold Penn reel. Unfortunately, the reel only holds 120 yards of 15 pound test. This disappeared very rapidly, until it hit the end, and broke. It is only the second time I have ever been spooled salmon fishing.
  Remember that Chinook retention ends April 1st. Prawning opens April 1st in Area 17.
  Good fishing