Well, the fishing and the winds are very variable in March! We fished Wednesday and encountered good action, but smaller fish. On Saturday, the fish were larger and more numerous, and we kept two nice Chinook around 8 and 11 pounds. We were fishing Grande past the Waterfall in water depths of 250 to 300 feet, with the downriggers at 220 feet. Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons fished with glow green flashers were the head turners.
  Chinook retention ends on April 1st again, and I can’t put in print what I think of this decision. Let us just say that politics and special interest groups trump science and logic. Hopefully, we increase our pathetic 10% Chinook adipose fin clipping rate this year, and at least get a hatchery retention fishery established next Spring.
  Prawning reopens April 1st at the Flat Tops.
  Good fishing!