Derek Hardy is running the North Shore Derby from Silva Bay Marina on July 16 and 17th. It is a cash derby, with all monies collected going into the prize pool. There will be additional prizes, and a dock lunch provided at approximately 1 P.M. on Sunday July 17th. The derby starts at dawn on July 16th, and runs until noon on the 17th. Entry fee is $50 per person. I am assuming the Chinook regulations will be the same this year, with a top end size limit of 80 CM’s. If you are interested, please contact me, and we will get together and collect the monies, and register you.
  Chinook fishing remains good, but with the price of fuel, and the non retention aspect of the fishery in place there is very little effort being put into the fishery presently. Steve has been jigging the Fingers doing D.N.A. sampling, and having good success. I know I say this every year, but I REALLY do want to do more jigging this year!
  Wind and tides have made Ling fishing difficult this week. Try the humps in 50 feet of water at Gabriola or Entrance Reef using medium herring, black and white swimmer baits, or green jigs for the Ling.
  Prawning is surprisingly good. Expect 70 to 80 prawns per trap, with no berried females.
  Good fishing!