Chinook fishing continues to be off the charts in productivity. Grande to waterfall is red hot, and apparently Entrance Island is even hotter. The Fingers and Hudson Rock are providing excellent jigging in shallow depths, 60 to 100 feet of water. I still have not encountered any of the larger Chinook, but people are reporting catching fish up into the upper teens. I’ve been using Cookies and Cream and Bob Marley spoons, but with this many fish out there, any of the standards would probably work. This is all catch and release fishing, at least until July 15th.

I did talk to two people that incidentally caught small, 3 1/2 pound hatchery Coho while targeting Chinook. Hopefully their numbers will increase soon to provide some table fare.

Ling and rockfish are present at Gabriola and Entrance Reef. Try large plastics, or medium jigs or herring for best results. Fish the pinnacles in 35 to 90 feet of water.

The commercial prawners should be gone soon. It will take about a month to recover, and we can resume prawning.

Good fishing!