We fished Monday, Saturday and Sunday this week, and the Chinook fishing was generally good. There were more undersized fish in the 3 to 5 pound range mixed in with the mature fish on the first two trips, and lessor but larger fish on our last trip. Generally the fish were found in the 160 to 180 foot depths, fishing at 160 on the downriggers down to bottom bouncing. The fish do seem to be moving inshore and further offshore depending on the flow of these big tides. The Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons keep producing, so I keep on fishing them!
  The tides on Wednesday June 15 were the most extreme in many years. They ran from a minus 0.6 low, to a 15.9 high in the afternoon. These flows made Ling fishing almost impossible, especially combined with the 15 knot South Easterley winds. We tried fishing Carlos Island, and the mouth of Silva Bay, but were moving at 1.7 knots. Without anchoring it is almost impossible to keep a bait on bottom, even by using the outboard in reverse to maintain position. So, hopefully this week, with more moderated tides, we can return to Thrasher and Entrance and pursue bottom fish.
  Prawning has been quite good, so the commercial fishermen must have targeted the Flat tops lightly.
  Good fishing!