I found this post by D.F.O. to be profoundly interesting, and to the point. “There have been numerous incidents of gear theft and vandalism, vessels cutting each others gear and setting on top of one another. The volume of incidents has been overwhelming to the local fisheries office. If this continues to occur some Subareas South of Gabriola will be closed on short notice.” So, the commercial prawners are so greedy and ignorant, they’re not only targeting sport traps, but one another. What a junkyard, Pit Bull industry……and that’s being unfair to Pit Bulls.
  Chinook fishing is still strong in all areas, but remains catch and release only. We had great luck fishing the Grande at 135 to 160 on the downriggers with Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons.
  Ling fishing was very productive this week. We caught some beautiful Ling, some with the aqua blue or green heads and meat. Both Thrasher and Entrance are producing in the 50 foot depth range. Medium herring, five ounce silver or green/white jigs, or purple plastics are turning heads.
   Good fishing!