Chinook fishing is still superb at the waterfall and Entrance. Depths range 180 to 225 feet, and Mongoose or Cookies and Cream spoons, or the T-Rex hoochie are dominant lures. There are some large fish, 20 to 25 pounds off Entrance Island, which must be released as they are way over the 80 cm size limit. Clyde and Dane are still killing it jigging off The Fingers and Entrance, and I really want in, but the fishing is so good close to home that I haven’t pursued it this week.

The Pink and Coho numbers are starting to increase off Entrance. Vancouver waters are experiencing a flood of Pink Salmon. It is supposed to be a big year for this specie.

Prawning is starting to recover. I thought is was mildly back when the first trap I pulled had 60, but the second only held 8.

Good fishing!