Chinook retention begins July 15th in Areas 17-10, 17-11, and 17-12. This encompasses the West side of Thrasher, The Flat tops, Grande through Whalebone, and Entrance. Areas 29-3, 29-4, and 29-5 don’t open for retention until August 1st. This entails the South East side of Thrasher, including the “milk run” from Thrasher marker to the green can. Maximum size for retention is 80 cm’s until September 1st, with a one Chinook per day limit. These may be wild or hatchery fish.
  The North Shore Derby is being held at Silva Bay Marina July 16th and 17th. Please contact me, and I’ll collect the $50 entry fee, and register you. The derby runs from dawn on the 16th until noon on Sunday the 17th.
  Chinook fishing is good Grande through the waterfall, and at Entrance. Clyde had one of his glory days, jigging several fish in the 15 to 20 pound range for D.N.A. sampling off Entrance last week.
  Prawning is very good off the Flat tops, we’ve averaged 100 per trap this week.
  Good fishing!