Fish Icon  Fishing in Gabriola Island Waters

Terrific Year Round Salmon Fishing!

Fishing in Gabriola Island waters continues year round. The winter fishing can be quite spectacular for numbers of fish caught. May and June are the best months for trolling for larger chinook; the migration paths of the two runs intersect here at this time of year and fishing is almost guaranteed. July, August, and September is the time for drift fishing (using jigging lures in shallow water with light tackle ) for the coho and chinook as well as pink, sockeye and chum.

Gabriola does not offer huge trophy fish–a 30 pound chinook is a rarity. However, the fishing here is rock solid; it’s rare to come away with no fish. The reef structure at Thrasher and Entrance produces nice ling and rock cod for the bottom fishing enthusiasts. The angling pressure compared to other B.C. fishing spots is light. The fish are bright and hard fighting and the beauty of the landscape is great.

Gabriola Island is the”jewel” of the Gulf Islands and is easily visited from Vancouver or Victoria through Nanaimo, B.C. (see how to get here) Hourly ferry service takes you to Gabriola Island on a short 20 minute ride.

Gabriola Island offers golfing, kayaking, diving, horseback riding, great artisans, wonderful bays and marinas, walking and swimming beaches, Provincial Parks and, of course, FISHING!

Accommodation is moderately priced at any of the three waterfront lodges, and there are many Bed and Breakfasts and waterfront cabins to suit just about any taste. There are several restaurants and pubs to choose from: a person can have family fare or a gourmet meal, and, play pool in a log lodge, or rock and roll at one of the two pubs.


Fishing Times, Species and Methods

November thru February

Fish deep at 150-300 feet. Excellent eating and fighting fish

March and April

Downrigger fishing for chinook (6 to 20 pounds). Larger fish appearing

May and June

Excellent fishing for larger chinook (15 to 25 pounds). Intersecting runs of fish including larger Fraser River fish and lots of fish in the 8-15 pound range.

July thru October

Runs of adult chinook mixed with pink, sockeye and chum. Drift fishing lures or mooching with herring bait are the preferred methods. If fish are deep, downriggers are used