We fished Entrance on Sunday the 6th for a couple of hours, and only hooked and lost one fish. There were 15 boats there, but not much net dipping. Clyde and Dane did do well on Hot Rods, but that was the exception to the norm. They were fishing small plugs and the T-Rex hoochie at 200 feet. We also trolled Whalebone to Grande for a couple of hours, and only encountered 4 undersized Chinook in the 3 to 5 pound range. These were taken bottom bouncing Killy MaGee and Mongoose spoons at 180 to 200 feet. Apparently Thrasher was quiet on the weekend, and that was my hot hunch for the next trip. The tides were terrible on the 6th, dropping big time all day. This may have accounted for the slow bite, as I do believe there are still lots of fish around.
  Prawning is closed at Entrance and the Flat Tops, open at Thrasher.
  Good fishing!