Well, this is going to read like a repeat of a rewind of a redo of a repetitious report. Or, as The Thais say, “samesame”. Matty and I did our weekly sojourn from The Grande past the waterfall bottom bouncing at 160 feet with Killy Magee spoons and glow green flashers. I landed 9 Chinook on the first pass, and the average size was bigger, 4 to 5 pounds. The fishing continued in this mode, you could have two bites of a sandwich, and have another fish on. We fished about three hours, and released all the fish, as none met the minimum size limit. Petrale Joe was out also, and they had about the same luck. Steve experienced the same phenomenon at Entrance. So, again, I have never seen this quantity of fish present in Winter. And, I have also never seen the percentage of undersized Chinook to legals this high, May may be astounding for fish, if these numbers stick around. 50% of these fish will be legal sized in May. If, you can keep them, then!
  Good fishing