Merry Christmas, and fabulous Holidays to everyone! I hope Santa is good to you!
  I finally got out fishing with The Cabby December 17th, and what a beautiful day! Light winds, and calm seas. We fished Grande to Whalebone, and found lots of Chinook out in 200 to 220 feet of water. Unfortunately, despite four doubleheaders and lots of singles, we didn’t boat a legal fish. Eveready did keep one nice Chinook, and Down Time fishing off the Fingers kept two. The huge majority of fish are in the 3 to 5 pound release category. Bottom bouncing Killy Magee or Bon Chovy spoons is the ticket. There are lots of hatchery fish in the mix, which is great if we ever do have a hatchery retention fishery in April through mid July.
  Prawning at the Flat Tops and Entrance closes from January 1st until April 1st, so if you get a calm day, better get your stash! The prawning was slower, but still productive when we fished on the 17th.
  Good fishing!