Chinook fishing just keeps on rolling at The Waterfall and Entrance. Try bottom bouncing in 200 feet off the Waterfall with Mongoose spoons or T-Rex hoochies, or cruising the 350 foot depth at 160 on the downrigger. Fishing 3 1/2 inch plugs off Entrance has been a gas, with no flasher to impede the fish. Try using silver/blue or fluorescent green Tomics fished at 80 to 120 feet, and be sure to test the plug to make sure it’s “hopping” correctly before descending it. Clyde, Dane, and Stevie Wonder have been having some epic nights jigging Entrance with Half Jigs and Perkins.

There are the very occasional Coho and Pink being caught off Entrance. Their numbers should improve soon.

Prawning is still queasy. We’re getting between 30 and 60 in two traps, so not quite worth the price of admission, yet.

Good fishing!