Northwesterley winds just plagued last weeks fishing conditions. It blew, and it blew, and it blew. My chartering was made more frustrating by the fact that I had people who wanted to jig or bottom fish, and those pursuits are almost impossible to achieve in the wind, as the boat is moving too fast to fish them properly. Trolling was good off Entrance Island fishing the East wall of Entrance Reef at downrigger depths of 180 to 270 feet. The T-Rex hoochie, Bon Chovy or Looney spoons were producing fish, as were 5 inch Tomic plugs. The Flat Tops and Orlebar were good for jigging, assuming the winds laid down enough to fish. The Herring Aid Half jig was the top lure on the Silver Blue. The Fingers and Hudson Rock are also good for jigging.
  September 1st marks the beginning of retention of Chinook with no size limit. You may also keep two Chinook per day per person.
  The Coho have gone absent again this week. Hopefully they will return soon, as they are super fun jigging!
  Prawning is still excellent off the Flat Tops. There are still no female spawners in the mix.
  I had the pleasure of taking two sisters, and two young daughters on a wildlife tour on August 22nd. We visited the Sea Lions at the Red Can, saw perhaps 60 Seals on Brant Reef, then cruised the shoreline bluffs along The Grande to the waterfall watching the newborn Seal puppies blending into the rocks. I threw two prawn traps down for their dinner that night, and we caught 150 prawns. Then, a huge Humpback Whale joined us for a visit to top off the trip. Pretty cool stuff, when all the wildlife cooperates so nicely!
  Good fishing!