Odd, but this weeks report is very similar to last weeks. The fishing from August 1st through August 3rd was very strong, with some gorgeous Chinook in the 14 to 15 pound range being boated. The fishing on the 4th and 6th was very lively, but consisted of almost entirely undersized Chinook. We have been light tackle, shallow water jigging off Carlos Island and Rowboat Point using Half Jigs and Perkins. The Herring Aid and silver have been favoured colours. There is an amazing amount of herring in the area, you can sometimes see huge bait schools on the surface. They should have ended the commercial herring fishery twenty five years ago! Most of the strikes are coming at 30 to 40 feet, and the fish are frequently hitting on the drop, or retrieve. The Cabezon has had some fabulous evenings jigging the wall at Thrasher. Dane, Clyde, and Steve are finding good results jigging at Entrance, The Fingers, and Hudson Rock. I have been trolling 3 inch Tomic plugs with good results, also. Downrigger depths range 80 to 135 feet. Trolling Entrance and Thrasher with the Bon Chovy spoon, or the T-Rex hoochie is also a worthwhile venture.
  I was happily surprised to catch and release a five pound wild Coho. They have been conspicuously absent, and I sure hope the numbers improve!
  Prawning is great off the Flat Tops. Make sure to give people some room when dropping your traps!
  Good fishing!